What is happening?

I would imagine you had some sort of virus, but I can’t be sure bc I’m not an expert in malware or brave.

It would probably be best to add more info ahead of time so the mods dont have to ask and take up more time:

  • How much did you use your pc since the lagging started?
  • Did it lag only when you had the app open?
    Did you try fixing it? What kind of troubleshooting did you do?
    Do you remember what you were doing when it started?
    What other applications were open and/or running?
    Did you download anything or make any administrative decisions around that time and during the lagging?
    Which windows system do you use?
    Did you notice any fluctuations in the lagging during use of the browser and/or other applications?
    What led you to determine the origin of the issue is related to Brave?

Edit: if you think it might be worth reinstalling brave, I would say that’s probably safe but can’t guarantee anything. If you remember the version of brave you were using, that could help the support team too. If it wasn’t up to date then it could be fixed with the update. Sometimes if an online program gets updated, things don’t always work right and can be problematic if the downloaded part on your pc isn’t updated enough to be compatible with the rest.

Also it may be related to this: Megathread: For users seeing high CPU spikes/usage