What is happening with the regions?

3, 4 days ago I tried to link my uphold account as it was before and it tells me that my region is invalid??? 2 years ago(? that I have it linked.

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same here i am uer from india and using brave from 2 years and suddenly this month it automaticaly disconnected from upload and when i try to connect it, it is saying region not supported

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India is not supported for Brave Rewards verification as of now. Brave’s working to get it working ASAP. They’re trying to get all workable regions back by the end of the year. So wait for Brave to get India working again. Even I’m from India. You’ll be able to earn BATs, which you’ll have to claim every payment cycle and the BATs will be stored on your local files so make sure you don’t format/reset your device and clear data on brave as that would make you lose all your earned BATs. I’m sharing the link to where you can view supported regions →

Also the page below has updates about progress done to support regions again →

Hope this helps!


What do you mean by invalid? If it says not supported then,

This applies to you as well

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