What is going on with Brave?


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I booted my computer a few minutes ago to find Brave had completely disappeared. I had to reinstall it.

With every update, Brave gets slower. I still can’t use Brave to log onto my banking sites (they work just fine in IE11). I even had trouble posting this due to the forum website being so obtuse. I really like Brave but I’m going to have to give up on it if the developers don’t start fixing it instead of breaking it.


Hi @LadyFitzgerald,

I’m not sure about your disappearing application - were you using the live release (version 0.23.107)? If so, it may have been removed due to this issue we’re currently working on right now.

Your issue with the banking website is most likely due to your Shields configuration. The Shields panel (lion icon on the top right) controls what content a website is or is not allowed to show or function when visited. Many of these settings, when enabled, may cause a web site to behave strangely (you will often hear this referred to as “breaking a website”) because the website requires some combination of those settings in order to display as intended. Try visiting your banking website with your Shields Down (just toggle the big button on the top right of the shields panel). Did this fix the issue? If so, that means my theory is correct, and if you’d like we can walk through each setting find which one is causing the issue. Either way let me know and I’d be happy to further assist you.

Additionally, we do apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we get ready to roll out what will surely become your daily driver. Software development is an extremely complex process with several moving parts. Pushing out fixes and features at breakneck speeds like competing browsers is not as feasible given that we operate and push updates with a team of under 100 people (as opposed to our competitors who can have 500-1000 member teams). It’s also important to remember that the live release of Brave (that you’re likely using right now) is still pre-beta and not a complete product.

That being said, we’re ramping up to release Brave 1.0 later this year which will address almost every bug/issue encounter with the current live release of Brave, as well as compatibility with Chrome extensions, new design, and much more. You can get a peek at this by downloading our early access Developer Build of Brave 1.0. Remember, this too is a very early release and not entirely functional. However, I’ve been using it all day for work without issue (I’m using it to write this response even)

Brave no longer loading

I found the problem about Brave disappearing from my computer. Malwarebytes does not like the latest update and keeps removing it. That brings up another complaint: forced updates. One is not allowed to decide whether to accept or reject an update (one of umpteen reasons I will not downgrade to Win 10). The best one can do is delay an update until the next time the browser is opened, at which time the update is applied.

I prefer to determine if and when any update is applied. Programs (including OSes) have been know to issue bad updates. I normally wait until about a week after a new update is issued before deciding to accept or reject it.

I managed to get Malwarebytes to exclude Brave from its frequently overzealous protection for now. However, I still feel Brave’s forced updates are unacceptable and if they continue for much longer, Brave will succeed in driving me away, which would be a pity since it has such great potential if the developer would just quit breaking it.

As far as not being able to access my bank accounts go, dropping shields makes no difference. That also needs to be fixed. My “bank” is Altier Credit Union | Mesa, AZ - Gilbert, AZ - Tempe, AZ - Tolleson, AZ

Altier Credit Union | Mesa, AZ - Gilbert, AZ - Tempe, AZ - Tolleson, AZ

Altier Credit Union is a full service financial institution, providing friendly, progressive and easily accessib…



We have since contacted Malwarebyes and the issue has been resolved. See the updated post here:

The issue with auto/forced updates is a known one and has been logged in our GitHub:

There is a workaround for this issue if you’d like to stop the automatic updates. There are two methods so we’ll start with the simpler one:

  • On your Windows machine, navigate to your AppData folder (if you can’t find this, just type %AppData% into the Windows search bar and Windows will find the folder).
  • From there: AppData --> Local --> Brave
  • Here, you should see a file Update.exe:
  • Rename this file to something else - what you name it isn’t important, just that it’s changed)

Once complete, when the browser goes to look for the update file, it wont be found and the forced update should be bypassed. Let me know if this doesn’t work and we can try alternative methods.

Regarding your banking websites are concerned, can you elaborate a bit more on the issue you’re encountering when you attempt to log in? I’m able to visit the site without issue, but obviously since I don’t have an account I’m unable to test the login functionality itself (screenshots/gifs/short videos would be useful here, given that fact).

We have had issues with banking sites in particular before, but (with maybe a few exceptions) these are usually resolved by adjusting Shields ( I know you said Shields down doesn’t work either) or other privacy/security settings. If you can accurately describe/show me the undesired behavior I’d be happy to work through the problem with you.

I’d like to linger the comment you made (for the second time) here for a moment:

While we (obviously) can’t control your opinion of our product nor whether or not you continue to use it, I would strongly implore you to stick with Brave, as it will prove to be worth your patience. As I stated previously, the process of developing, updating, fixing and supporting a web browser is complex and it is often hard to predict certain outcomes before they occur. This is true for software development in general, but rings especially true for us given that we are currently working on the live release (the build you’re using) - that is, updating, supporting, adding features/fixing bugs - across all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android) while also developing our browser rewrite, which will eventually become the first official release of the Brave browser (version 1.0 - again for reference, you’re currently using v0.23.107). It too will release across all platforms and with a disproportionately sized team (disproportionate to the size/scope/scale of the project). All of the above are being done in parallel with one another and we’re discluding the various side projects and additional/new features being tested for implementation.

The main point: To say that our developers are continually “breaking” the product is a misnomer given our circumstances. It also trivializes (you may not have intended this, I don’t want to assume intent) the extraordinary effort our highly talented and driven team puts into a product and message that we all believe in.
This is an excellent time to join the Brave Community as we work our way towards making a better, safer web.

As stated in the article referenced above, Brave 1.0 will fix, address, change or remove almost all major problems facing our current (Muon based) build, as well as provide additional features and functionality that wasn’t possible (or realistic) in the earlier days of the browser (if you’d like to learn more/know specifics about this, feel free to DM me and I’d be happy to speak to you at length about them); Support for nearly all Chrome Store extensions, custom theming options, additional security measures, UI customization just to name a few. Issues like the one you’re facing with your bank will either cease to exist or, if they show up, they will be much easier to track and address.

I mentioned this in my previous post as well, but its worth reiterating: as we prepare to launch 1.0 later this year (currently projected to roll out this winter ~November), you can get an early preview of what using Brave 1.0 will be like by downloading our early Developer Build that we recently released to the public. As you’ll read on the download page, it is still pre-beta and not a complete product.

It does, however, provide more than enough functionality to address most users needs (again, I’ve been using the Dev build all day today for work without encountering any issues) and may be worth checking out if you’re skeptical about the product and/or the direction it’s going. The Dev build can also be run parallel with the current live release, so you won’t have to uninstall, overwrite, or re-download the current version of Brave on your machine.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and discuss the browser, as well as for taking the time to reach out to us with your issues/feedback. We are always aiming to improve our product and better address the needs of our users. I will end this diatribe now. You’re not obligated to respond to my comments, but definitely get back to me with the results of attempting to stop the auto-updates and log into your banking website.


Well, the claim that the problem with Malwarebytes has been resolved simply is not true. I removed the exclusion that I had put in Mawarebytes so I would be protected if something else tried to hitchhike in on Brave and Malwarebytes promptly quarantined Brave again. I wasted the past hour gettingt Brave working again. I also disabled update.exe by appending it with .disable (my standard way of disabling files so I can quickly and easily identify disabled files in case I need to restore them); we’ll see how that works.

This fiasco has been unbelievable. If the developers want to rewrite the browser, they need to spend all their time on that and get it done instead of wasting time trying to fix problems on the existing browser, especially since those fixes have been doing more harm than good. Brave used to start up quickly; now, it gets slower to start with each update. Loading websites keeps getting slower. Now we have this magnificent mess with Malwarebytes.

Since I’ve (hopefully) disabled updates to avoid further damage, would someone be kind enough to let me know when the browser rewrite is out beta and is working correctly?



We will announce any signifigant updates or changes to builds across all channels we are active on. I’ve included links to the primary ones below. Thank you for your feedback.

You can also see a rundown of our road map here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Roadmap
You can see release schedule information here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Brave-Release-Schedule

Additional resources:
Brave browser subreddit
Official Brave Twitter
Official Brave support Twitter
Official BAT website


@Mattches I’ve also had this impression of late. So far I still have a mostly favorable impression of BRAVE Dev, but I hope the release version it’s leading up to doesn’t end up being the road-hog that Chrome is.


@mk7z, you say “as of late” - do you have a best estimate as to when you started noticing the slowdown? Also, have you (or @LadyFitzgerald) imported a large amount of bookmarks and/or other browser settings at any point?


@mattches Within the last week. I’ve only imported my BRAVE (live) bookmarks (to BRAVE Dev), which were not many. No import of any browser settings.

For accuracy I’ll start keeping a record, but a few days ago I recall thinking “What happened to that speed?” as the speed difference between BRAVE and CHROME that had previously been so marked was starting to seem moot.

I make my own contribution to this by opening many browser windows and tabs. I’m trying to bear down on using tab managers to minimize that, but need to get using them ‘automatic’ since at this point they still have too much tradeoff in interrupting workflow (a/o/t just opening tab after tab, which has almost no overhead in terms of concentration).

Current status in Activity Monitor (Mac):

Swap used: 7.02 GB Compressed: 848 MB

Then, < 10 minutes later (after having done nothing except typing in a text editor):

Swap used: 5.68 GB Compressed: 2.40 GB

Total RAM: 16 GB


I imported a large number of bookmarks shortly after I started using Brave around six months to a year ago (time flies at my age). I did not notice any slowdowns after the import. It was later that the slowing started, mostly after updates.

The number of bookmarks shouldn’t make a difference on how long it takes to start up Brave or to open websites.


A couple of weeks ago, whenever I log into certain sites (like Citibank) after a second the tab goes black with a pixellated sad face. This never happened before.

I tried all combinations of Shiled settings to no avail.

I have to resort to using other browsers. If this continues, I’ll have to uninstall Brave.


@LadyFitzgerald appears to be experiencing a problem with her credit union/banking website similar to what I’ve experienced with mine (Navy Federal Credit Union), in which Brave cannot log in despite all Shield settings being down. I reported the issue in the Help Me category 17 days ago but have not yet received a reply. Can you assist? Here is the link to my report: Cannot sign onto Navy Federal Credit Union website w/ Brave Desktop Browser

The error message looks like this:


I don’t even get an error message. It just bounces back to before the log-in screen.