What is elevation_service.exe?

What is elevation_service.exe for ? I didn’t notes any similar service with other major browsers. Does it snooping around our computers and send our date somewhere ?

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Hi, I’m afraid you’re not giving out any useful information. I can’t even tell if the .exe is actually connected to Brave.

Nevertheless I can recommend Malwarebytes Anit-Malware to make a quick (free) scan of your PC. If something is found, you can remove it (or quarantine it etc.).

Here is the page:

Allow me to help you understand the question by ClanstvoR - there is a service installed with Brave called Brave Elevation Service which is a LocalSystem-started service, the executable path of which is located here (BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\\elevation_service.exe). The service has no description … very disconcerting. Why is there no description associated with it? Read on …

I note that Chrome includes the exact same executable but it is not a registered service for Chrome browser.

So the question is: what is this service and what does it do? Is it necessary to the proper operation of Brave? And can you request the developers to at least put in something for the desciption of the service.

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Replying to myself here … found this which does a fantastic job of explaining what elevation_service is and does. https://techdows.com/2018/12/what-is-google-chrome-elevation-service-elevation_service-exe-what-does-it-do.html

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