What is criteria to decide the location of my referrals?

I want to know that how will you decide the region of the user or the country .
Is it IP address or any other criteria !
One of my referrals is from Chicago , United States , when i say him to show his ip address he is in Chicago but when he select the address for something his country is auto selected india . Why ?
Yes , i am the creator and my referrals is fron US .
Just tell me how much dollar i will get after 30 days ?


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Referrals are based on the geo location of the PEOPLE YOU REFER, not YOUR own location :slight_smile:

Once the new referral rate changes come into effect at the end of the month, you’ll get $7.50 for each confirmed referral (meaning that people have downloaded and then used Brave via your referral link for a minimum of 30 days).


But sir person I refer is from Chicago, United States but still can’t get it ?

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