What is Brave encrypting?


When I first loaded Brave it appears that it is attempting to encrypt something.

First, what is it encrypting?

Secondly, why is it encrypting something?

Third, what is Brave going to do with this encrypted information?

Love my experience so far, however after having so many hopeful experiences with new open startup software I would love to support, I am waiting for the red flag to discontinue in spite of the great user experience.


Are you referring to a keychain prompt? If so it’s for encrypting and storing passwords you choose to save, so that the next time you visit the site it will auto fill the username and password.

You can turn this off by going into preferences here:

Then select Don't manage my passwords under the Password Manager setting.

Third, what is Brave going to do with this encrypted information?

It would just auto fill, note that all information is stored only on your device.


No not the keychain prompt. Shortly after opening Brave and browsing around, the RansomWhere? app I have loaded popped up a window warning me that Brave is locking (encrypting) files. I hadn’t put in any passwords while browsing, or any information. Just casual browsing when it popped up with this message:

I was not sure what prompted it, what it was doing, or why…


It says it encrypt the cache files.


Also cookies. Chrome would do the same right?

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