What is Brave doing to users?

This limitation is due to brave, not by Uphold or gemini, brave’s project is very good but I believe they are limited to not have to pay users, and see their ads, that’s a way for them don’t pay us…so what are they doing to us then you know maybe it’s time to leave them because of the way they work and treat us


My interest in Brave Browser, is Privacy and Security.

My interest in the Brave Community, is to try and help other members, and thus relieve some of the workload on Brave Support.

And, the workload at Brave Software, where they have apparently not had the time to update one of their Terms of Service (‘ToS’) documents:

Have you read the Terms of Service for Brave Rewards? That document does not mention Gemini, but does mention Uphold:

3.1 Activation

To become a Brave Rewards User, you must activate the Services within your Brave browser, and review and accept these Terms with Company.

When you activate the Services, a BAT user wallet will be created for you in the Brave browser (“User Wallet”) through a third party wallet provider, Uphold, Inc. (“Uphold”). You agree to comply with Uphold’s Terms and Conditions, available at https://uphold.com/en/legal/membership-agreement, in connection with your use of the User Wallet. Screenshot:


That part from the Terms of Service, should surprise everybody now days - everybody, that is, who bothers to actually read the ToS up to that point.

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