What inline tip means?

I was just checking some logs.
Can anyone help me figure out what this means?

Hey, please anyone can reply to this?

This refers to the link shown under a tweet, reddit post, etc. to tip that particular user.

Hi @lowrider, thanks for answering.

If I’m correct it means that I have tip to those specific user right?

If it’s correct then I’m done with brave. I haven’t tip a single person. Also I rarely use those websites. Only to gain information that too is rare. On top of that I don’t know the basics of using those social sites.

My auto contribution is also off.


I don’t know what log that is, but I would guess it’s logging something innocuous like the disabling or enabling of content-level tips.

This is the setting in brave://rewards

And this is what it looks like on reddit, for example

Even if you click “Tip” by accident, a confirmation window comes up, so it’s impossible to tip someone without realizing it.

hi thanks for replying
can you see the number 1 on right side it’s for the bat column. So I think brave gave tips to them idk how.

I was checking bat logs because my bat were missing and brave support isn’t replying even after a week.

I"m assuming brave tipped them automatically

Can any mod please look into this? Please

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