What if your not a Creator but want to encourage friends to use the Brave Browser?

I’m not here a lot so this question may have already been answered, my understanding is that you must be a Creator in order to participate in the reward system?

What if your mainly a Browser and want to use Brave instead, is there any incentives for that?

Also I want to refer my friends to use the Brave Browser, is there a reward incentive for that?

AND if so How do I get a Referral Link for referring Friends to use the Brave Browser. I have a Referral Link but it’s a Creator Referral Link and I don’t really create anything at the moment.


You’ll need to be a Creator in order to earn from Referrals – that said, you do not need to be a Creator to use the Rewards system. Additionally, you can earn BAT or opting into privacy preserving Ads in Brave without being a Creator.

Here are some links you may find useful:


I’m pretty sure you can still receive the rewards in your Creator profile for using your Creator referral link even if you don’t have any accounts added (for donations).

At the end of the day you can always suggest Brave to your friends simply because it’s an awesome and smooth browser and not because it has rewards :wink:

Being a creator is easy. If you use Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch or etc., you can be creator in this site: https://creators.brave.com/