What happens when you remove Brave?

Hi, I have a question, when I remove the Brave browser from my device everything related to Brave Rewards and the wallet are removed? That is, Ads, Automatic contribution is deactivated, Monthly contributions, Tips, BAT balance Etc …?

You should probably use an uninstaller to remove Brave Browser. Linked below is a Help Center topic that may be useful. It explains a little about removal options. I would think uninstalling the software and browsing data, which I take to be the user data, would clear everything.

Do you know if removing brave pauses the automatic contribution?

You can disable auto-contributions by using the option in brave://rewards.

You can disable Rewards by disabling Brave Private Ads.

What happens is that I eliminated brave, without deactivating it, so I want to know if uninstalling it automatically deactivates the automatic contribution and also if it deactivates what has to do with brave rewards.

Still do not understand, but if you are worried about auto-contributions coming out of your custodial account after you deleted brave, then they shouldn’t. There is no Rewards data left if you deleted both the software and the browser data.

To confirm, you should contact your custodial provider, tell them you deleted brave, and want to make sure no more auto-contributions are removed from you custodial account balance.

What do you mean by “custodial”?

What happens if the automatic contribution is activated and the account balance reaches 0?

Custodial account = Gemini, Uphold, BitFlyer (Japan)

Nothing. You have no balance, there is nothing to contribute.

then if it reaches 0 the balance will remain there or can there be negative numbers?

If I didn’t have my wallet linked to any of those wallets, I don’t have to do anything, right?

No there can not be negative numbers.


then there is no problem if the automatic contribution had been left activated and brave was uninstalled?

lol no problem - brave is uninstalled and you have nothing to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thank you very much, how can I close this topic and delete it?

If I delete this topic, are the replies also deleted? For example, would what you answered be deleted?

No clue. You have exhausted my ability to help. Signing off on this topic. Good luck.

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You can’t delete anything on Brave Community, at least not in the way you’re thinking. Every edit and every delete is visible and has no impact on what others post. For example, here’s what I’m seeing now from where you deleted a post.

You’ll notice it says the one post was “deleted by author” but then there’s a pencil icon in the upper right. It classifies the Delete as an edit. By clicking on the pencil, we can see what had been said prior.

It’s like that for everyone. You should see the pencil icons and can click to see prior edits.

The best way to end a Topic, is to mark something as a solution and then hope people don’t post on it anymore.

@Luis14 You should mark one of your posts as the solution. The solution’s purpose is to help other community members who are experiencing similar issues. If you like, you can post a reply to your topic indicating the issue was resolved and that there really was no problem with uninstalling brave without changing or turning off Rewards settings.

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I’m sorry, I think I’ve made a mistake when marking the solution, but I thank you very much for the help, you have taken away a concern.

@Luis14 Just mark your post above as the solution.

Edit: @Luis14 per below post. OK.

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