What happens when all of the brave bat tokens are released?

What will happen when all of the Bat tokens are released. Will you no longer get rewards for ads?

The User Growth pool is not associated with ads. It is associated with referral program. You will rewards for ads no matter how many BATs are released.

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The referral program is closed since 8th October: https://brave.com/referral-program-changes/
As @sebon explained earlier, you’ll make BAT with ads if you activated it in the settings of your Brave browser here: brave://rewards/

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I was talking about earning Bat for watching ads. What happens when all of the Bat tokens are released. How will you earn Bat tokens?

Well, I’m not sure but I imagine that Brave receives money for displaying ads in the browser to the users.
This money is probably convert in BAT.

So theoretically if all of the tokens are released and the brave browser does not pay the users watching the Ads with Bat will people just go back to using other Browsers

@brucelee2573 @Tiko

In short, advertisers will always need BAT in order to run their ads campaign. So they will buy BAT from market or pay in FIAT (then Brave buy BAT using that FIAT).

Those BAT is what is used to pay users for their attention.

So, nothing will change if all BAT is released.

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