What Happens When Account Balance is Less than My Budget?


So the budget is set in predefined increments. I wanted to know what happens in my account balance is less than one of those increments, but I still set that amount as my contribution value?

For example. I have 35 BAT, but set my contribution to 50 BAT.

I ask this, because that is exactly what I have done. I am trying to determine if the payment is going through at 35 BAT, or is it waiting until I up my account balance to 50 BAT?

My current status is:

Currently processing
Next contribution: Overdue

Could it be that it is processing the 35 and saying that it is waiting for my next contribution to bring my account up to an amount where it can pay something out?



Hi @Mathias_Bras,

AFAIK, it will not process your contribution. Minimum balance is 90% of monthly budget and Brave should remind you if your balance is lower than your budget.

Thank you,


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