What happens to auto-contributions?

What happens to auto contributions?

In a simple example, say I stake 20 BAT and my browsing history has 5 sites.

abc1.com abc2.com abc3.com abc4.com and abc5.com with equal views, that would be 4 BAT going to each site?

What happens if one of them is not registered to get BAT? Do I get refunded 4 BAT, or does that get split to the other 4?

Brave will only process the contribution for verified publishers.

BAT for unverified publisher will never leave your wallet. Unless they verify their property within 90 days. https://brave.com/faq/#unclaimed-funds

I’ve had 20 BAT taken (twice in one month actually??) but no breakdown of where it is going and I’m pretty sure only one or two sites are registered for BAT and 95% aren’t…

My settings are to auto-contribute 20 BAT. This is what I see for previous month.


The whole 40 was removed (unsure why it doubled up…?)

No report on where it went either.

As you can see, none of my current sites for this month are registered:

Does that mean 0 BAT should be deducted?

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Hi Fluke, you may have been hit by the auto-contribute bug where it gets accidentally activated on its own. You’re correct, 0 BAT should have been deducted. I’ll refund you for the 40 BAT if you PM me your data from brave://rewards-internals (don’t share this data with anyone else!)

Hi Asad - I PM’d you my details. Thanks!

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