What happens if I login with same uphold account in two of my devices?

I recently got my uphold account verified and connected it to Brave Rewards. Since I use Brave on multiple devices and have some BATs in both of them, out of which one is now connected to uphold and the BATs are showing up in the uphold wallet.

But I’m wondering what will happen if I connect my other device to the same uphold account? Will I loose my earnings which are available in the unverified account? Or will those be clubbed with what I already have in uphold?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Nope — you can have up to four different devices/browser instances verified to the same Uphold account. All earnings from these devices will then be deposited to that account during the payment period.

I use brave on pc and android and both are connected to same Uphold. Amount of BATs is stacked together

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