What happened to the tab sets?

They were a major reason for using Brave 0.26: without having to install a plugin, you could manage to navigate between hundreds of open tabs easily.

Now it’s just Chrome with a couple of added features.

Hi @YetAnotherUsername,
Thanks for the feedback.

We’ve an issue logged for this here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/35 to bring tab set back.


Hi @eljuno, is there an ETA for when tab sets and tab hover preview will be back in Brave?

These are two essential features that lead many to adopt Brave. Without them, it’s not remotely the same quality browsing experience.

Hi @tres_commas,
Not sure about ETA. Based on link above, it’s on Priority/P4. So maybe the team will working on it later. Unless it’s escalated or contributors do Pull Request (help Brave code this features).