What happened to the 'cookie consent' link in this post?

See error message for the referenced linked to the “Tired of…” post below.

It’s still there as far as I can tell.

"Tired of cookie consent notices?" = no consent?

I even pulled up Chrome, where I’m not logged in, just to see if it would load. It did. So it means it’s still there for all to see.

@Saoiray I’m still getting the same error message when I click on it.

If you try in Guest Window, New Profile, and/or Private Window does it work? Can you try opening on another browser? It’s weird that I’m able to see it on multiple browsers & devices, even if not signed into Brave, but you’re not. Not sure what variables might play a role, hence why I was mentioning the different methods which kind of rule out the idea of cookies, extensions, etc.

In the meanwhile, guess I can try this if it might help:


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@Saoiray Thanks a lot for copying the thread.

The issue occurred in a Private tab and so far seems limited to that environment. The page loaded normally when I tried it in a Private TOR tab. Ironic because I’m also having just the opposite problem as detailed in my latest post –
(Apparent glitch with TOR window following delayed connect)

I’m not familiar with “Guest Window”. How does one create one of those?

@mk7z Guest Window is the same as New Profile, except it’s temporary, whereas new profile would remain until you delete. Both are listed under hamburger menu on top right, at least if on Desktop (doesn’t exist on Mobile)

New Profile or Guest Window help because it goes back to default settings, doesn’t have any extensions, etc. So it’s basically a blank slate. So if it works there, usually means it’s a problem within your main profile that results from cookies, extension, or something changed in settings.

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@Saoiray Thanks again, just had never noticed it, forgetting that there are things in the hamburger menu that aren’t duplicated in the main dropdowns.

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