What happened to the advanced review as said regarding account

Hello, Its already payment date of June and I am still waiting for payment of April, as my account is under review since May. As @Asad said here

that I will get final decision before June payment date, but I haven’t received any single email regarding that. I know the support team my be busy but its already more that a month. I was having 3 websites linked with my brave account and 1 of them I am going to stop hosting this month. So how will I provide additional proof if support ask for, because I will lose access from that website dashboard.

No response still

@Asad Its already 5 days i created this post but still no reply? Support forgot me?

Now your account will get reviewed soon and you will get reply. if you did not do any violation your account will active again!

Good I’m going through the same …
They have not sent me individual mail or asked me anything … I would like to know how long I have an answer because as far as I have not made any mistakes …

I have already charged in the last 3 months and now in this they put me in review, the only thing I have done is to use their referral system …

nope, didn’t forget you – just still working through these reviews :slight_smile: will take time – apologies!

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How long is your support queue? I send email but i haven’t even got ticker number yet.

@solidmage hey there – your acct is a special case and we will be reaching out to you personally via email


Thanks i will wait for the email

I’m almost in a week waiting to receive news about my Brave account …

I have 10 people waiting because they can not download the browser because my link is still suspended because of the revision issue …

  • I hope your quick response and thanks.
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@Asad Sorry to bother You but I still haven’t got the personal email from support. I only got automated email with ticker number #20836. I did send info about my campaigns to the ticket hope that is enough.

There should be more updates around payout time next week – let us know if you all got paid!

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I’ll be happy to tell you if I receive a payment, I like your answer here, let’s see this week
Thank you for your support @Asad

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@Asad I just tried to access my account. It still has “account is under review”
@blackjincrypto Did you already got your access back?

I have with 10.06. No access.

@solidmage so far not yet, but I’m still waiting about that one last time

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