What happened to Paste&Go option?


What happened to Paste&Go for the address bar (hightlight URL, right click, menu, Paste&Go)? Now it’s Paste&Search? If you want to, keep that, but please bring the Paste&Go back as well. Thanks!


Hi @TheWayOfYahweh,

Can you please let me know your Brave version (type about:brave in URL bar) and your OS?
I’m on latest stable version and I still have Paste and Go option.

Thank you,


Hi eljuno,

We are on version 0.18.32 on Win10 x64 release 10.0.15063, and interestingly, just checked again this morning and past and go is back.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Paste and go option only comes if you have a link copied to clipboard. Any other term will show as Paste and Search.


Agree, makes sense, but at the time of this occuring, we did try several different links copied to clipboard and kept getting Paste and Search, but this morning, don’t know why, it is back functioning correctly.

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