What happened to CTRL-Q?

I recently installed a fresh copy of Fedora. Using Brave on Linux for the first time. The official way to quit a program on Gnome 42 seems to be either via the GUI or by pressing Ctrl-Q. This doesn’t seem to work for Brave though.

Am I missing something?

(I know that many users have experience with DOS/Windows and will use Alt-F4 for that, but this keyboard shortcut deserves to die rather sooner than later.)

In 2019 Rivaryn wrote that Brave used to support Ctrl-Q. Why would it stop doing so?

Someone mentioned this to me in message but I am not familiar with Linux much at all. Yet I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction until someone who might know more comes along, if the information I provide isn’t helpful.

A list of the keyboard commands for Brave can be found at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032272171-What-keyboard-shortcuts-can-I-use-in-Brave-

According to that one, Ctrl + Shift + w also will Quit Brave.
Obviously Alt+F4 will close the current window.
Ctrl+W will close the current tab.
The list goes on.

It doesn’t answer the “why” they quit Ctrl-Q, but it at least lets you know commands that can be used.

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