What happened to Civic for KYC?

With the announcement that Uphold is the ONLY way we can KYC in order to receive rewards comes a ton of disappointment.
Uphold is an exchange, not a KYC tool. They have their agenda. They’ll also shut you down for various reasons, some of which are unreasonable. I was asked to provide TXIDs for funds I sent over a year ago or risk having my account shut down. It was impossible for me to track down the source, do to my many wallets. So my Uphold account is closed.
Personally, it’s no loss. Uphold is expensive to use and invasive in their KYC process.
As someone who’s supported BAT since its inception, this is incredibly disappointing. While my rewards aren’t a lot, I appreciate being able to participate and was looking forward to linking via Civic. I even had my business account set up based on admins here stating that Civic should be an option soon (a long time ago).
There are other solutions too, many of which are far more friendly to this space. Check out WORBLI.io for example.
Hoping for a better solution…