What happened if I am in a not supported region?

what happened if I am in a not supported region?

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my payout is 6 days on process, how come?

If you are in a non-supported region you will not be able to connect your Rewards to a custodial account.

no other way for me to claim my rewards?

Not at this time, no. Any Rewards balance in your unverified wallet can be used for contributions to contributors. Rewards that cannot be claimed are distributed to creators. I think there is a Help Center article about this. I will go check and if I find it I will edit my post with a link.

Edit: Just dawned on me… I think if you are still receiving ads and earning rewards, you should still be able to claim them. Are you able to claim earnings to your unverified Rewards and just can’t connect to a custodial account?

You can check here if ads are available for your region.
Regional Catalog Viewer

yes. still receiving adds and claim but just can’t connect it my custodial account it says i have reached the max device linked to my uphold account.

Ah, OK. The max device limit is basically irrelevant since you live in a non-supported region. Even if you submitted a request to open up a slot, you would still not be able to connect to a custodial account.

Your only options for now are to hold the BAT in your Brave Rewards or contribute them to creators. If you decide to hold the BAT, just make sure you are backing up your Brave Browser folder, preferably to an external device.

You can find the path to the folder at brave://version. Back up the entire folder. If the browser or your computer crashes, you can lose both earnings and balances. If you have a backup, you will at least be able to restore you Brave Rewards balance and maybe even some earnings from the backup.

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You can also hold those tokens in hopes that your region becomes supported in the future. But that could take years… or months. Never know :wink:

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What region are you in?

I am located In the Philippines

Sorry to near that (for rewards purposes). I have several crypto currencies and have learned over time to hold them. If i were in your position, I would hold them in hopes that the laws on crypto currency change in your country. But that’s just me.

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