What happened I had $ 3 and now I have nothing the browser I delete my history all settings and it appeared 0 eye I have not deleted the browser--


Parece que ya le pagaron. ¿Son tus recompensas en Uphold? Porque muestra el próximo pago el 5 de junio.

amigo no entiendo tenia 3$ hasta ahora mi navegador me borro todo contraseñas guardadas todo y aparesco en 0 y fijate que sale los anuncios que resolvi mas no mis bat

sale como que si estubiera recien instalando el bat ya me muestra el pago del siguiente mes y no he recibido nada ya que me tocaba recibir mis 3$ el 5 de mayo

ya he recibido pagos por eso no entiendo porque me muestra como que si hubiera reinstalado el navegador cosa que no es asi y empezando el nuevo mes…

Mejor intenta preguntar @steeven or @Mattches

How did the browser erase your information? What happened?

I do not understand how I erase it since I only erase my passwords and put the browser as factory but I do not erase my bookmarks I only erase the bat it was fine since it is the one I use every day

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

so you can see that it has not been deleted or uninstalled, it was just put as factory and the $ 3 was there and suddenly they disappeared @Mattches

so you can see that the installation folder is all right, install it on 04/13/2021

Until yesterday 02/05/2021 there were the $ 3 after being placed from the factory and then they disappeared

You “factory reset” your browser, which means any/all data outside of what’s contained within Brave by default is now gone. That includes any extensions installed, any browsing or cache data, bookmarks, passwords, and also your wallet data.

I did not do any browser reset also I formatted the pc but I just checked and I already received my $ 5