What does this icon next to the URL mean?


I hovered over this icon but it did not give me any description of what it is.



The Torrent Viewer extension is loaded into that web page.

See about:preferences#extensions


It is an icon that indicates that the site is included in the contribution list of Brave Payments. If you get the empty dark icon as you see, it means that the site is excluded from the list. If you get the yellow icon by clicking the dark icon, it means that the site is included, and the site owner will be contributed from your deposit.

Please make sure that the contribution is totally voluntary and you would not have to pay something to use the browser!

If you are interested in what Brave Payment is, please have a look at our official FAQ.



Thanks! Now I know this icon is related to torrent. Maybe add a tooltip to the icon that explains it?


Cool thanks! Again, can we please add a tooltip for new users to explain this?