What does the black circle with a white star in the center icon indicate

When I type in a search, Brave provides suggested searches (that change as I type more characters). Some of these suggestions have a black circle with a white star in the center icon next to them. Can anyone tell me what his icon stands for? Is there anywhere the meanings of all the different icons that may appear next to these “suggested” searches mean? Thank you.

Screenshot will be helpful – so we can see what you actually see on your end.

Thank you eljuno.

I tried to do that for the original post (using the only method I know of to take a screenshot on my windows system), but when I opened the clipper, the “suggested” sites disappeared.

Is this what you are referring to?

On a quick test out of curiosity I could only reproduce this typing in “sa.” I thought maybe it had something to do with bookmarks, however, even if I typed in letters for other bookmarks that black circle with the white star does not appear.

That’s the icon I’m referring to.

I’m not seeing it in quite that situation. I’m seeing it next to some of the suggested searches that appear as I type in my request.

Hopefully @eljuno can let us know when he sees it.

That icon seems to be related to your bookmarks.

I reproduced the icon following these steps:

  1. Enabled Show autocomplete in address bar via brave://settings/appearance.
  2. Added a random bookmark.
  3. Entered a part of bookmark’s name.


It’s important to note that in order to get that icon, the bookmark shouldn’t have another valid icon by default. For example, if you bookmark chrome://settings/cookies, you’ll get a gear icon, but if you change chrome:// to brave://, the star icon will be displayed instead.





If a bookmarked address (page) doesn’t have a specific bookmark icon, the star icon will be displayed.

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Thank you very much Rethanis. That information certainly helps me out!

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