What does "Show non-verified sites in list" mean?

I am looking for a way to auto-contribute only to sites that are verified. When I open the settings menu for auto-contribute, I do see a checkbox that says “Show non-verified sites in list.” But this is strangely worded. Does this prevent me from auto-contributing to non-verified sites, or does it simply not show them on the list - even though I am auto-contributing to them anyway?

Short answer:

Tips to unverified creators will be keep in a lapse of 3 months, if that creator doesn´t verify his channel in that time you will get your BAT back.

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But will Brave re-attempt to contribute to non-verified sites again and again? I can imagine this essentially starving verified sites to a slow trickle.

For example, Google is one of my most used sites, but its non-verified. Every month, Brave will attempt to recontribute 49% of my BAT allocation to Google. That BAT gets reserved for up to 3 months before going back into my wallet. Meanwhile my verified sites are getting 1-3% every month because the rest of my BAT is constantly getting tied up in the 3 month waiting period.

This seems like a bad design. I should be able to disable non-verified site auto-contribute entirely.

Okay, its the 25th of this month. I decided to do my own research to see what auto-contribute did. I navigated to brave://rewards-internals/ and went to the Contributions tab. It attempted to auto-contribute 1.25 BAT and the list of recipients seem to all be verified-users! That’s good news!

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