What does claiming earnings really do?

I read other topics but couldn’t quite understand - what does clicking ‘Claim’ actually do - after clicking it, should the estimated BAT go to the wallet or is it just a ‘claim BAT for next month’s payout?’ Because I’ve been using Brave since November and as far as I understand, I shouldn’t be able to receive BAT until February. Still, a couple days ago I was able to claim BAT, but when I open the wallet (not verified) the balance shows 0.0.

For those new to Brave Ads payout, you may want to watch this video for more details:

The last part of the video says the ads are claimed and credited to the wallet. While the purple drop down menu ‘Your balance’ field shows some BAT, after logging in to the wallet I see no BAT at all. Zero. The BAT seems to have been claimed but still doesn’t appear in the wallet itself. On the Ethereum mainnet when I select BAT there’s nothing.

Which “wallet”?

I assumed as you said “claim”, that mean your brave:rewards wallet is unverified (not connected to custodian).

Then if that’s the case, the claimed BAT will be deposited to your brave:rewards wallet.

Exactly that wallet. The purple drop down I was referring to is this one:

The wallet, however, shows none of this BAT:

Thanks for the screenshots @taw_1 !

So, there’s 2 different products here. First is Brave Rewards wallet (brave:rewards) and Brave Wallet (brave:wallet on desktop).

Brave Wallet is a crypto wallet where you store/buy/send/receive/swap cryptocurrency. Learn more https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/sections/360006922312-Wallet

Rewards is paid to Brave Rewards wallet, not to Brave Wallet.

Hope that makes it clear.

I see. So the only way to transfer BAT from the rewards wallet to the brave wallet is to connect to gemini/uphold, @eljuno? If so, is Brave planning on introducing a way to transfer them without an external service and allow those store/buy/send/receive/swap operations without a third party service?

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