What Does Brave Browser Work With?

I have several questions about what types of Machines and Operating Systems does Brave Browser work on.

  1. Does Brave browser work on Chromebooks?

  2. Does Brave work with Ubuntu?

  3. I read that Brave Browser only works on Windows 7, 8, 10. Do Brave work on any other Windows OS?

  4. What Mac OS does Brave browser work with?

  5. What type of PCs does Brave browser work with? I would assume that it’s the same PC machines that run any of the compatible Windows OSs mentioned above.

  6. What is the oldest IPhone version that Brave Browser works on?

  7. What is the oldest version of android that Brave Browser works on?

Thank you in advance.

brave os

for desktop

for ios

require ios 12+

for android varies with devices

hope that help and have a nice day

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Sure does! Thanks for the response.

you welcome :slight_smile:

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