What does "All cookies, on this site only" refer to?

In Additional settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data: under the heading Allow I have a number of sites listed with a trash can and the subheading “All cookies, on this site only”. This is new. What does it mean? When I click the trashcan nothing happens.

I would include a screenshot if it were possible.

Hello @Fellwalker57
You can take screenshots by doing the following:

This option is to control and delete specific site cookies that keep data, read more here:

Also, you can see in this site settings tab under cookies on mine (I’m on Windows):

What this option does is allow you to edit which sites have cookie access and have left either data or ‘tracking cookies’ on your browser. By editing, I mean to view, keep or delete. I have mine set to auto clear cookies on exit, found in the menu above ‘All cookies and site data’, here:

Please post a screencap if you can, and I’ll try and assist further.

Hope this helped!


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Thank you for responding.

Screenshot attached.

Not 100% sure I follow your explanations

All this means is that all cookies from those sites (with the described subheadings) will be allowed/blocked (depending on which section they’re in). This is expected behavior.

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