What do you think about integrating brave://apps (chrome://apps) into brave://extensions (chrome://extensions)?


When more UI work is in progress, do you reckon it’s best to remove brave://apps (chrome://apps/) and make it part of brave://extensions (chrome://extensions/) I realise this may cause issues if completely removed for users not to mention the functionality of the browser if certain apps are download and that page is no longer there, in addition to some users requiring some apps that function in brave://apps which is why I’m suggesting integrating it into brave://extensions so they’re effectively hosted in the same area.

I downloaded two extensions which turned out to be apps and closed the tab and later couldn’t find where that page was to turn off the apps and so I had to find and download a similar app that would be redirected to that page.

In Chrome it’s usually part of the new tab area but Brave has the home screen with the scenic images on that page, like suggested it seem more ideal for Brave to make it part of the same page without creating additional lists.


Probably best to let @rebron2000 address this.


Hi @Numpty

I think it’s best to hide/remove brave://apps not sure about making it part of brave://extensions. We’re still thinking through apps/progressive web apps and how to best surface those.

Certainly, we don’t want to confuse users re: apps vs extensions; our current focus is on Extensions and making that great for users.

Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for the reply @rebron2000 and by the way I like the contributions/changes you’ve made at Github.

Do you still intend to retain how some app display in desktop as show below screenshot in start menu?
That was also my point. Brave://extensions is sort of hidden already. I’m sure anyway the team will figure something out that works really good.


Access via the start menu isn’t a feature we’re planning on changing any time soon. Sounds like you want us to retain access to apps there. There’s also a ‘create shortcut’ to turn some websites into these ‘progressive web apps’. You can move stuff around from there into whatever folder you want.

Progressive web apps, future of it, access to them are still items we need to think through.