What do we do when we don't trust sharing SSN?

I’m not a crypto person but I like the idea of Brave Rewards which I have been using since I first installed the browser. Now we’ve been told we can’t just leave things running as-is, we have to use a “custodial account”. I went through the sign-up process for Gemini…until it asked for a Social Security Number. That’s a giant red flag law or no law I have no interest in sharing that sort of information with any non-government entity. I’ve used some sites where they require the last 4-digits and under the right circumstances I can go with that but definitely not the whole thing. How many crypto services have been hacked or gone belly up?

So given that what option do we have? Opt-out of Brave Rewards?

Depends on how you’re trying to go at it. I mean, if you’re wanting BAT for yourself then the only option would be to get verified.

If you’re wanting to still participate in Rewards and see ads as a way to support Creators, then you can do that without signing up for any of the custodial partners. It just would mean you have no control over seeing how much BAT is earned and going to each Creator.

And if neither option sounds good to you, then the next likely would be to turn off Rewards (and to disable Sponsored Images on NTP if you don’t want those ads appearing).

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