What do the UNTAGGED offline installers do?

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I’ve tried searching the web for this answer and can find a few other people asking it, but their question never gets answered. As I want to know also, I thought I’d ask here.

If you go to download the offline installer for Brave (via GitHub), you will see file names like this:

What is the difference between tagged and untagged?

If you’re going to offer untagged, might I suggest adding something into the FAQ on the Brave homepage to actually explain the difference?

Also, if one were to install Brave using the online installer (the small stub download) does this install tagged or untagged in that case?


Other people asking:


Thanks for reaching out.
First, definitely don’t install these builds. The “tags” that these installers lack are what essentially “point” the browser to the correct update channel when they become available. The untagged installers are used for or own development processes and testing.

Hi Mattches.

Thanks for that… so to clarify if one installs an “untagged” version the browser will not self-update, but remains on the version that was installed, but the tagged ones auto-update?

If so, might I suggest renaming the files in future to make this clearer?
For example, instead of:

While I appreciate the concern, the “untagged” installers are really only for developer use and don’t tend to get downloaded by users very often. That said, I will reach out to the dev-ops team and see if may be they can group the links differently to be more clear.

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