What channels are on the roadmap? Could a content creator get rewarded for publishing on Medium or Linkedin?


Hello Brave community :slight_smile:

I am a content creator who does not currently have my own website, but posts on Linkedin regularly and intends to write for Medium, because that’s where my audience lives.

If I were to post on either of these channels now then the
BAT payments would go fully to Linkedin and/or Medium when somebody viewed my content, correct?

Ideally the profits would be split between myself (as a writer) and the platform I’m publishing on (as a thanks for hosting the content.) My understanding is that this is currently the case with your Youtube and Twitch Partnerships.

Are there other content platforms you intend to partner with so that both content creators and publishers can be rewarded? If so, which ones?

Having a view on this would actually help me to decide whether I wanted to publish on Medium, or another platform that you intended to support, or go to the effort of creating and marketing my own website.

Thank you very much. Really support the vision here. :heart:



Tipping github users

Hi @mollymolls,
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For now, supported platform is website, YouTube and Twitch channel.

Reddit and Twitter tipping is coming. And I believe more attention based platform also in the plan.


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Terima kasih untuk bantuannya @eljuno ! :smiley:

I will consider Reddit for now, but would be great if Brave could publish a list of attention based platforms in the works.



Sama-sama @mollymolls :grin:

Will cc @luke.mulks. Maybe he have something about it.



I would definitely love to see Medium on the list. If i could read articles and award them with BAT, instead of taking the monthly subscription, it would be great.



We don’t have a fixed roadmap for more platforms — we’re certainly open to other suggestions. Our overall plan is to support everywhere that you can publish useful stuff that other people appreciate.


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