What changes regarding extensions can we expect in the future?


Brave is really great browser, which is especially appreciated nowadays, where most web browsers sucks for one reason or another.

And while I realize the project is still young and how much work it takes to continue improving it, lack of extensions is THE one thing that makes my experience with brave lacking.

So, my question is, how we can expect situation to change in the future? Mainly:

  1. Will number of extensions available under about:preferences#extensions increase?
    While users are encouraged to ask for new extensions to be added and lost of people were asking, list haven’t changed for a long time now (and out of 9 extensions available, 4 do the same thing).

  2. Will there be a way to install extensions from other sources?
    It seems like arbitrary barrier, that prevents users who know what they’re doing from doing it. You could make it a hidden option, if you’re scared less informed users might install some malicious software this way, but please have some option.

  3. Alternatively you might at least give us some tool that would allow users to write their own scripts.


Hi @HalfTough,

For #1 and #2, more or less, yes. More extensions support come to Brave 1.0. Brave 1.0 will have full extensions API support. And by adding more extension supports, likely Brave have it’s own store. Coming to Brave 1.0. More about it here https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/

Thank you,


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