What browser data do I have to secure in order to exchange my SSD?

Hey guys, I want to exchange my SSD and do not want to loose any of my BAT or pending referral connections!

Status: I saved my Brave passphrase and have an Uphold wallet connected, whereas I already got the June rewards transferred. I received clarification in another thread that all BAT in Uphold are safe. Theoretically I could bare to loose the few BAT from first week of July, but of course would like to secure them, if possible.

The big question is, how are referral bounties handled when they are not granted to my Uphold yet due to the fact that they are not “ripe” (meaning some of the downloads still have to translate in 30-day-usages). How are they linked from the reference link to my Uphold wallet? I only see the connection made via my browsers local data or is there another way? Thus, I’m not sure if a time-machine backup is carrying that browser data required to restore the referral connection on my new SSD.

So, how could I save my relevant browser data to secure the referral history and in the best case also the BAT from earlier this month?


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