What brought you to Brave?

Hopefully those YouTubers becomes Bitchuters.

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Sounds great.

By the way… Welcome to the Brave Community :sunglasses:

I will never use the Brave browser again. The installation program downloaded from an unreliable website loaded with clickbait. I was tricked into downloading and installing programs I didn’t want. When it was over, my computer was such a mess I had to perform a system restore to repair it. After that, I manually deleted the Brave browser installer and scanned my computer for malware with Malwarebytes. It disclosed 556 harmful objects, which I quarantined and exported the report which I saved as a document for my computer consultant to read the next time my computer is serviced. This situation is a disgrace and you guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves for such negligence.

@phineHas56, Hi, I can’t find your answer to the topic thread - ‘what brought you to Brave’.

This situation you refer to seems to be very serious for Brave users and should be brought to the attention of the staff. Have you opened this thread in a new topic? If so, please could you post the link that so that users may follow that the outcome of the situation is resolved.


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  1. the organisation’s stance, philosophy, conceptual positioning;
  2. WHO’ brought me - the proprietors of a specific site within the ethos of a larger, online community and I do wish I could remember which site that was, but I cannot recall now. I downloaded Brave virtually immediately then, some good time ago, but it took me a while to install it and begin using it;
  3. from the wilds of Africa where there was no power for computers so we used ‘organic, spectral’ browsers, to internet explorer - awful, to FF which was ok while it was.

privacy. Also the browser is very fast. Now it’s also shifted towards “not stupid like Chromium”

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Started with Brave Privacy Browser for Android. Replaced my Chrome install with it. Was tired of news sites pushing Ad content pages over content. Very nice replacement on mobile. It cleared up that problem.

Then I moved over to using it on my home Mobile Device (Surface Pro 3). Which I use to stream many services around the house, check email (gmail) and Random Browse™. So far this adoption is going well.

The only caveat that I have is to have a way of sharing profiles between Chromium based browsers. A way to share bookmarks and extensions between Brave, Chrome and Edge-ium (Edge Beta) would be a very nice addition.

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I can agree to a good part of it. The thing that Brendan was bullied out made it even more real.
A good company, indeed.

I am not sure what you mean here. It went from Muon to Chromium.

Well, it might happen. If there is a will, there is a way.

I need translator on brave mobile android

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I like and use Brave now for the security, native ad-blocking, strong privacy, speed and possibility to tip my fav sites.
Winning BAT online is fun but only the second motivation for me.

I’ve found Brave while I was searching infos on safe and private browsers for writing an article on my blog.

Previously, I’ve used Opera (with few addons) on desktop and mobile.

Thank you Brave!!


There is Google Translator and Microsoft Translator as a dedicated stabile right-hand on your Android device.

Microsoft has overall better translation, but Google better integration or rather more availability.

I’ve used Opera in the past, about 6 months from July 2016 onwards.
As seen on my profile, I have been with Brave primarily, since March 30th of 2017.

You should consider a VPN, if privacy and security is a priority of yours.
Free options like ProtonVPN, Windscribe, Zenmate and SurfEasy.
I would recommend ProtonVPN for its unlimited bandwidth on free servers, as one of few, if any without a monthly bandwidth cap.
ProtonVPN Basic, Plus or Visionary is worth investing, all things considered, if you wanna pay for features.

Thank you for your nice comment, let me know, if I can assist in any way, and have a better day.

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i moved to DDG because they said “private secure search” and used it. then i noticed most search results ranked high fascist/republican sites and google did NOT show these known white supremacist, fascist, republican sources so i no longer use DDG. DDG was running facebook ads toutuing 100% security. in fact nothing in the USA is private because any corporation can be issued a National Security Letter and the corporations give all keys to data/history. startpage.com seems to be the most secure, u can manage settings to use only EU servers where there are laws to protect user data from corporations and other governments.

SECURITY and PRIVACY and Tyranny (Government and BigTech). IN a very real sense the First Amendment and other rights (see Bill of Rights) brought me. The cost is convenience in part.

Free BAT tokens.

For every other Brave feature (or missing Brave feature), there’s better alternatives, or compromises I can live with. So free BAT is the reason I picked Brave.