What brought you to Brave?

I re-wrote this several times. I didn’t want to go on a political rampage like some, but the corporate politics of FF actually are relevant to the question.

Firefox bowing to the part of “Shut Up!” and security concerns drove me to look into Brave. A great product got me to stay. If FF will do what the did to Brendan Eich, what else will they do to stop free speech? I left them the same reason I left Google. Well, as much as I can escape from them…

I’ve since tried Brave on my PC and Android. (Hated FF on my droid.) I’ve since dumped FF completely.
I’d like to try Brave on Linux Mint, but while I’m very tech savvy with PCs, Linux not so much yet. I’ll wait for it to show up in the Package Manager. Then my transition to the light will be complete!

Please, please, please, don’t become evil too…


I used brave at the beginning I liked very much the concept of browser which blocked the ads natively and offered new functions without recurring to the extensions, and especially the protection of its private life
I gave up because too long to open and consuming too much memory
I received a month ago a notification from the brave community and remembered that it existed … I tried the beta version and adopted it cohabiting with opera right now, but when the one this i think delete opera soon

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Security, privacy, speed, low cpu-usage, as a vet software developer I find Brave to be the tool I go to more often than others!

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I liked Brave because I could (and did) have it set up just the way I liked it:

Tabs below the bookmark bar
Icons only in the bookmarks bar.
Little “house” icon took me to my home page

It was extremely easy to use for an “old fart” like me. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon.

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I use Brave for privacy, and I prefer having my privacy. I love Brave except for one problem that I am currently trying to find an answer to.

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i randomly looked for an alternative to firefox/chrome, saw this and thought “yeah, i like the look of this”

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I used chromium for a long time, and I noticed that, no matter what privacy extensions were used, there were always google cookies, analytics etc., that were lying around in the browser when starting. Also the idea of an ungoogled chromium browser + a Shield looks interesting, I can couple it with other extensions, at the moment Scriptsafe, just to vary a little bit since I use uBO/hard mode all the time on my other browsers. Also Tor window looks interesting and handy.
I also like opera but I’m not impressed by vivaldi.

I saw the documentary “The Creepy Line” and that led me to learn about the existence of Brave, as well as other tools like Switzerland-based email hosts and alternatives to google for search, etc.

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I was obsessed with security. I used Tor Browser a bit, but it was too slow to use. When I was browsing for secure browsers, I found Brave. It was the perfect browser, with the speed and security I needed.

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Have you tried Qwant?

Well I would really like to come to Brave Browser in order to get off the google machine, however, Brave constantly becomes unresponsive on my machine. Not sure why, tried everything that the Help desk has to offer. Maybe next rendition will work for me. Tired of these monopoly alphabet bs browsers.

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Brave provides a perfect environment to work safely, i feel so protected while downloading with zbigz premium accounts and accessing my personal information.

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I joined for the privacy. Tracker-blocking, data only stored locally, etc. is what I came for. As I’ve stuck around, I’ve grown to appreciate how fast and accessible it is, as well as the BAT features. I like being able to support DuckDuckGo and Brave directly. I hope other websites and content creators (like YouTubers) get into this. We gotta spread the word.


I have always been conscious of privacy and blocking ads. I have used all the main browsers, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. They are all good and fast browsers, but every time I would go to a new machine I would have to install a bunch of different extensions and change a bunch of different settings just to get it to block ads and protect my privacy.

I like with Brave that by default it blocks ads and protects your privacy. I like that it uses Chromium so it just works on all the sites that work with Chrome and you also have access to all the Chrome Extensions. My only concern is that, Chromium is becoming the new Internet Explorer. I feel developers of web sites develop for Chrome first and Google can push forward its standards and become the standard. So as much as I would love to support Safari and Firefox which use different rendering engines, it is just more convenient to go with the Chromium based browser. If iOS let me change my default browser, then I would probably use Brave on iOS as well, but for now I will stick with Safari on iOS and use Brave on Mac and Windows.

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Privacy concerns with web browsers such as Chrome and Google censorshop spree on YouTubers turned me off.

Firefox was the go-to alternative but Firefox has a political bias and wants to censor the web by dictating what user can and cannot see when it comes to news articles. (Even though Mozilla claims to fight for a open web). Brendan Eich is a founder of Brave and was the creator of JS (Great language) and worked at Mozilla (Until Mozilla tossed him under due to his political life). I feel that with Brendan Eich in Brave and his past experiences and Brave being a blockchain project, and with blockchain projects having a free-speech mindset I think Brave will be neutral. I even made a post on here asking about brave on political biases and the response was positive.

Brave was the next alternative, it is well supported with regular updates, uses the latest chromium engine and not an outdated engine. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Andriod & iOS. It is open source, based on the chromium engine which is a well design engine to render webpages. Sync feature to sync bookmarks and not require any personal information (Such as an email or name) to sync bookmark data. Its the best browser out there and when Brave fixes its issues it will be even better.

Brave has a built-in ad blocker that has lots of features and options. Which is handy especially on mobile since to get an ad blocker for a browser you need to install an extensions and extensions are mostly for desktop browser, not mobile ones. The Brave ad-blocker works great on YouTube!


privacy and anonymity love the using brave with tor + duckduckgo + VPN and the speeds are still really good also getting paid for something i do for free is a plus love Brave❤