What brave version can lock top sites?

i used old version that can lock top sites but i can’t lock top sites on new version.

Can you be more specific? What do you mean by “lock” them? Lock as in they don’t change?

If so, you can now use (in all versions of the browser) the Favorites option, which displays up to 12 sites on the NTP that you explicitly select (as opposed to the Top sites option that populates automatically).

lock as in they don’t change. there used to be an option to lock the top sites when i hover on the top right of the top site icons but thanks for the favorite option you mentioned.
does version 1.25.70 still support flash player?

But the Favorites option does satisfy the need you’re looking for?

I don’t think so but even if it did I would absolutely encourage you not to downgrade the browser – especially to a version so far back. Doing so opens you up to security risks/vulnerabilities that are fixed in later versions and may also cause features of the browser (or general browser behavior) to break.

do you remember what’s the last brave version that supports flash player? i need to use it for work.

I am not sure and would again highly recommend not downgrading to such an old version as it will likely introduce more issues than it solves.

Can I ask what you do for work which still requires flash (which is depreciated everywhere)?

a video game, i can’t put it on facebook gameroom anymore it’s discontinued.

What game? Is there a link you can share that I can test?

it’s not even up yet. in development

I see – well the developers should not be using Flash for this game as it’s being depreciated web wide:

And as I said, I simply cannot recommend downgrading your browser as it opens you up to significant risks.

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