What are the plans in regards to VPNs?

I’m sure this has been brought up before but it would be nice if Brave let us know what the future might hold in regards to VPN support.

Right now its a bit paradoxical that Brave which prouds itself on being “more privacy” oriented while simultaneously having their users disable their VPN to view ads and earn BAT. Even though Brave doesnt collect sensitive data and violate user privacy, ISP companies are and without a VPN your every action is stored for months or even years (depending on where you live)

This concerns me, as I would very much like to participate in the BAT economy however I could never disable my VPN. Its just not a trade I would be willing to make.

I assume VPNs are disallowed to protect advertisers, as having someone from North Korea view an add for a Dutch clothing company is not exactly a dream scenario.

Is there a way around this, that will allow users in the future to use a VPN? Perhaps by registering their real IP and VPN IP within their dashboard? Or having some other ways of establishing location, perhaps by installing an extension that enables brave to bypass vpn to only verify location?

Or perhaps Brave is looking at building a proprietary VPN service inbuilt in the browser? (Would be awesome)

Why don’t you use the in-built tor browser in brave

Slower, some sites block access, no ads, constant catchpa, compatibility issue with various games and such.

just want my traffic not collectible, not mil grade privacy

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Or, allow us to use VPNs at least inside the country you come from. So if you’re from North Korea, you have to use an IP from North Korea which doesn’t have to be your real one…So that way, you’re still inside the tunnel protected from your ISP. Of course, you’d still have to change your DNS, because the VPN doesn’t help if you’re using your ISP’s DNS…