What are the first things a new Brave user should do to set up their browser?


Hello all,

Having used Chrome for the past 5-6 years, I am finding Brave quite manageable, however I bet I’m not using it to its full potential. How have you set up your browser, and what new things should fresh Brave users do when setting it all up?



The browser works great out of the box. There are several features which you can enable to customize the browsers.
You can enable a list of available password managers and extensions from about:preferences#extensions.
You can enable Global shields settings from about:preferences#shields. Enabling few settings might cause websites to break
You can enable/disable/ask autoplay feature on sites under about:prefrences#security
You can set a preferred search engine from the available list

There is no hard and fast rule to do any of the above as the browser does most of the adblocking and block tracking out of the box. The customization is purely on the user needs. You can see all the options by visiting the preferences page and the various sub sections in them.


Right now I would suggest the new user looks at other browsers.
Brave is starting to get frustrating when dealing with large bookmark folders (takes ages to open), syncing being broken (Got brave on 3 computers and 2 android devices there is no sync on android and 1 of my desktops says it’s sync but clearly isn’t because my bookmarks are different, logins are missing etc) annoying popup constantly spamming me to enable the money giving feature which I do not trust one bit! the sluggish performance when tearing tabs off into their own windows, the issue of right mouse click and close all tabs to the right sometimes closes the tab I actually clicked on, lack of real English (from England!), its slower to load than any other browser on my systems.

So yeah, until maybe 0.20.xxx is released, I advice to not start with Brave yet or if you do, don’t commit (move all your data/bookmarks over) until it’s more developed. There are a lot of basic things that need fixing before they do work on stuff like the TouchBar for macbooks.

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