What are the best ways on Brave to defend against drive-by downloads?

Yeah erm, I have only recently started learning more about these things. I know that I could simply block scripts but… a) does that really stop all of them and b) it does seem a bit overkill and makes browsing the web more of a chore.

I am keen to stop them somehow though so I’m wondering what systems Brave already has in place and/or what I can add to the browser to make it more secure in this regard.

Thanks everyone!

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Haven’t heard this term before, might depend on the sites you visit. Visiting dodgy sites (porn/warez/streaming sites etc) might not be a good idea. Or atleast look out for fake popups or just fake sites.

In the end I actually installed an extension - Avira Browsing Safety.

Yeah you’re right about watching the sites you visit. It’s just so much easier to accidentally open up a bad site that then uses a script to harm your computer than it is to run a bad file.

Hopefully that extension will help me though :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is needed, Shields with Easyprivacy, and Easylist and disconnect would provide you plenty of protection.

How do you add and remove lists?

I notice that Brave does have a Safe Browsing option too so yeah that would be another way to do it :slight_smile:

brave://adblock has some custom lists (a bit buggy atm), Would test in Brave Nightly here.

To be honest I kinda just installed ABP, heh. I guess I quite like to use different tools for different tasks. I think the Brave adblock is running too though.

I wasn’t really aware that you could use adblock as a way of protecting yourself from malicious websites. Maybe. But if it was that watertight then surely Brave would have no need to include a Safe Browsing feature of its own.

Using ABP and Brave is fine also. But Avira is probably not needed if you’re using ABP also.

Maybe you’re right. I’m just on Windows 7 still so I’m being extra cautious XD

I just hate 10! Plus I’m lazy and switching OS is hassle!