What are mouse rightclick dropdown shortcuts and how to change those?

Hello. I use a lot of actions like adding bookmarks, removing bookmarks and downloading links and images in my daily use.

For adding bookmarks, it’s easy; drag and drop links and urls works just fine and fast. But removing bookmarks is not that easy. In Firefox, it was right click and “S” key and in Opera it was right click and “M” key; in Brave, when I right click on a bookmark and hit “S” it’s highlighting the “Remove” option but not immediately removes the bookmark so I have to hit “Enter” after the highlight. When you keep adding and removing many bookmarks, this becomes an annoyance very quickly. It’s only highlighting instead of executing as action because other option for “S” key is the “add page/bookmark”; that’s why the shortkey is broken and not working as intended.

I was also going to talk about downloading links and images but found those shortcuts. It’s right click “K” for links and “M” for images; still I wish to change those with something close to my left hand on the keyboard.

Thank you.

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