What are Brave's policies on political ads?

I have more of a question to pose rather than a specific support request per say. This could evolve into a broader conversation here or elsewhere. Brave is competing in the same attention economy as other data aggregators, albeit reimaging it with a focus on individual privacy. Though I would prefer a more direct, traditional buy/sell structure for content creators (and software and services generally), Brave is a more digestible step in that direction. My question is whether Brave has/does/is open to serving political or politically adjacent ads.

Political ads are currently not accepted, see page 28 of https://brave.com/brave-ads/assets/Brave_Buyers_Guide.pdf.


Thank you for pointing to official documentation. Perhaps you could add a bit of color to the following note therein:

Note: While currently unavailable, advertising to
restricted categories may become available in
the future.

Based on the list of prohibited campaign content, I cannot imagine why this door would be left open.

i hope they never allow political ads in the future

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