What and how do I x-fer what I perceive to be earned Brave tokens?


I have tried searching and have gotten nowhere. I will show you a screenshot below. My question is: Do I have tokens or not? And if I do, how do I get them? Thanks Brave anons!



From your screenshot, yes, you have BAT. In total, you have 35 BAT and all of it is likely from BAT grants. Please take a note, that all BAT from BAT grants will be sent back to UGP if it’s not used by 90-days (expired).

And your monthly contribution budget is set to 5 BAT, which mean at August 1st, Brave will deducted 5 BAT from your wallet.

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Thanks @eljuno, that is very helpful! Now the last question is, “How do I earn BAT to pay for my monthly contribution!” Surely, I need to do more than just allow ads and visit web pages, no? :slight_smile:


Hi @I3UTM,

For now, Brave users can get BAT from monthly BAT Giveaway. Or adding your own funds. :smile:

Brave ads (opt-in, private ads) is not available yet. Now still in trials for selected contributors. If this feature already live, users can get some BAT for their attention.

Hope that clear for you.
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