What about a REAL fullscreen mode?



PLEASE, I would like to have a REAL and COMPLETE full screen mode when I enter F11. I just want to only see the website page and nothing else ! Actually when we enter in full screen, it’s not a real full screen because we can still see the URL and all open tabs…

Thank you to fix it.
It’s the only thing (with the fact that ROBOFORM isn’t include in extension available) that keep me to use Google Chrome…

Good job for the rest. Thanks for this project that hope will have a bright future


Thanks for the request, @djey,

There’s a request logged for this. I added your comment as +1. And the issue is below in case you want to track the progress

It’s requested and logged here The list of the requested extensions



New to Brave, but I love what you guys are doing.

And this seems like a really small issue, but it’s honestly maybe the only thing keeping me from using Brave full-time.

I really want this feature SO MUCH.


Where may I keep track of this ‘issue’?



If you have a github account you can add a comment on the issue so that you would be notified about any replies on that thread. Alternately you can bookmark the issue and periodically check the progess


I am sure there is much to do with Brave development. Surely though, a "true fullscreen mode isn’t too much to ask though?

I will also, dutifully, put this in the Github…


New version of Brave will have true and real full screen mode where all tabs/toolbar is hidden.

The automatic update for the current users to the new version is coming in weeks if not changed. But if you want, you can download it now via brave.com/download

You can then import your browser data (but it’ll not import your Brave Rewards wallet, yet, if you have one) from the current Brave. Note that this version is still work-in-progress so may have missing features.



Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond. I did, actually, download and install the new version, which has indeed included true full-screen function.