Well thanks, years of watching thousands of ads

(Personnal Opinion Below)
Well if you are like me, you are probably pissed
See Uphold and Gemini ask for your identification but
They refuse to take my health insurance card which has my id, my provincial number my photo picture and it expires in a few year or so my date of birth and all and STILL i cant verify if you are like me and doesnt have a driver license or a freaking passport because you happen to not travel at all… i’m kind of fu@#% i’m i and the best thing ever is that when i go to support ask for a human to take a look at it and verify me manually they say “cant do that” and then the typical you know copy righted bs and tell you to use a driver license or a passport otherwise cant do much for me… i mean thank you so much Brave i earned like 250 bat in a wallet i lost which is you know alright its my fault and i lost my key thinking i had saved it in my onedrive but i failed to realise when formating to connect to the damn app to actually upload the stuff in the cloud -_- and still i wanted this to work, so i kept going earned 231 bat that i’m told will be erased unless i get a driver license or a passport… man, i swear crypto is going backwards, its supposed to be decentralized but now i gotta verify and not all verification works no no no, its gotta be driver license or passport… and that my provincial government id doesn’t work i mean i aint too sure of how it works elsewhere but sure while it says that its an insurrance card, it is given by the department of health of guess who? my governement, i really cant see what a driver license gives you more than what that card does? you know? anyway thats my rant, sorry but not sorry, i am probably far from being alone, i cant imagine the number of folks who hasnt even read the article yet, they are going to FLIP in april, and i wouldnt be surprised that this post gets removed
Anyway, if you guys have solutions, i’m open minded


I have a verified Uphold and that still does not help. I first need to make a wire transfer which will cost me ±$50 to withdraw my $44 from Brave. Uphold refuses to assist me in any other way and Brave does not give a flying kite about their users.

Thousands are going to lose the BAT’s they’ve been accumulating and Brave does not care even though they were paid by the advertisers. Over the past two years Brave promised alternative wallet solutions but nothing ever materialised. There’s already talk about a class action case being set up and there are media outlets who are looking into this, I spoke to one today.

Just check this forum for further details.


Huh they are basically forcing you to put money into their ecosystem type of things?


So now Gemini verified me, but since its US only, and i’m in Canada, i cannot click on it in brave reward, so i’m still fu@# basicly, but showing there is no reasons uphold would not agree to manually verify me, gemini did and i’m not even under there jurisdiction

hmm, i can only guess that perhaps a 3rd party non government entity outside the healthcare industry may have trouble using an insurance card to verify your id given the highly confidential nature of all medical records.

Still an ID is an ID, regardless of the name you use and i doubt they fetch any files from your gov in a drivers license right

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I already gave 160 of them to a friend i got like 80 left, and ill probably give it away to one of my favorite streamer, if they dont change their stance this month or give me more options, i aint got no wallet beside brave’s browser one and… well lets just say i wouldnt put actual crypto on it but that might just be me

Let me just clarify one thing first, you said that Gemini verified you but you can’t select it to connect Brave and your verified wallet? If that is correct and Gemini is greyed out try this,
Go to brave://flags
Search for this “Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options” and enable it
Restart your browser and then try and connect your wallet with Gemini again as it will not be greyed out anymore.
You may get an error but it should work.
I am in the Netherlands and this worked for me as the info came from BAT support and my rewards is working fine again. Let me know how you get on.

interresting, and can you confirm that you can withdraw from gemini to usd?


Nope doesnt seem to work, i am still not connected


Did you go to brave flags and do what I said?
Can you confirm that you have a verified Gemini wallet?
When was your wallet verified?
Did the error message come up after clicking connect?
Was the option to select Gemini still greyed out or was it clickable?

I can withdraw my funds from Gemini after converting my BAT to Euros as we don’t use US dollars here in the Netherlands.

I did do what you asked, gemini become visible but upon clicking on it gemini tells me im in an unsupported region i am verified on gemini though i had to ask support, but after doing some research i think you are one of the lucky people that used gemini before the region debacle, i saw an article that gemini said they wouldnt close connection to already connected brave accounts even though they are in an unsupported region but if you disconnect you wont be able to reconnect

I have been with Gemini since the day they came onboard with Brave. When the rules changed I couldn’t reconnect with them until the support team contacted me (I was on a rampage in Brave) and asked me a couple of questions which after I answered they told me that there was a solution for my situation and it worked. My wife is on windows so she never changes her computer OS but I am on Linux and change to different desktop environments all of the time but I always have my Brave config backed up to an external drive and copy it back. For some reason the flag changed and I couldn’t reconnect till I changed it back but I wasn’t aware there was a flag till support told me. I was hoping it would work for you as well and sorry it didn’t but figured it was worth a try.

Dont worry man, i appreciate you taking the time to try and help me, you didnt have to, its all very appreciated, i wish you a nice day mate, cheers from Canada

Thanks mate and cheers back from an Aussie in the Netherlands.

I suppose that’s how things gets “distorted” in time.

I feel you, provided both of them(driving & passport my citizenship ), and i was rejected.
Provided a identity card that has been released by another country, that actually is NOT valid outside(Italian CI) and it was ok…
Now, creator account is blocked, dues to identity card i provided(not valid outside country).
Example(Belgium driver licence/passport and italian identity card that is VALID only in Italy.)

And no offense, but Uphold has a terrible customer support, sometimes i feel that a they read another questions, when answering mine. :wink:

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I share your feelings, uphold support is far from being supportive, i asked for a human to look at my card and see im not lying and they literrally said no, to go through the system again, heck with the amount of copy pasted text, talking to a human at uphold support seem pretty hard

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