Welcome and Welcome Back to Brave Community Moderators!

So nice to see all the recent activity from Community moderators. I think this role was sorely needed and it is a definite plus for the community.

As in the topic title, just want to say Welcome to new moderators and Welcome Back to those returning.


I do hope your presence is a permanent, and not temporary, addition. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello there, thanks for the warm welcome, glad to join this awesome community and looking forward to be helpful when needed. :lion:



Hey @Chocoholic !

Thank you very much for making us feel welcome, I hope we can keep on working to make Brave community so much better. Happy Tuesday! :wave:


Thank you so much for your welcome message! We are happy to be part of the community, have a nice day! :grinning:


@eljuno Hey. Hadn’t seen you on in a very long time. Figured you moved on to other things. Are you returning to an active role here on Community again or just was temporarily popping back in for a while?

Know you still have it set so nobody can message you and profile still shows unavailable. But since been seeing posts from you lately, figured I’d just be direct and ask.


Thanks and hello @Chocoholic @Saoiray , it’s nice to be back and see more community members is here to help each others. :100:

I hope the former. :point_up_2:t2::relaxed:


How do I report someone for harassment? This guy keeps bugging me via private messages.

Just block him (ignore him) from his profile. I think ‘ignoring’ him will prevent him from contacting you

Also, a new change has been done where users cannot DM each other only official brave team will be able to. See attached images.

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