Weird problem with font-size when using "localhost"


Hi *. This is no big deal, but might be a bug, as the behaviour Brave is displaying is incredibly weird.
I’m playing with my personal page on Github, nothing complex, plain HTML+CSS. Yesterday I wanted to change a couple things, and to my surprise the page was displaying with HUGE fonts.
At first I thought I did something silly and I started inspecting the text, which to my surprise was still at font-size: 16px. I’ve tried then to see if I could replicate the problem on other browsers, and on Chrome, Safari and Firefox the website looks perfectly normal (with font-size: 16px), the only browser with giant fonts is Brave.
At this point, as this wasn’t mission critical I tried to deploy the site (, source code and surprise! it looks perfectly normal.
At this point I did something I would never believe to work, I pointed at my local server using, and of course the site is perfectly normal. Back to localhost:9001, giant fonts. Tried, normal fonts. As I said, super weird.
Is there something happening when using “localhost” that makes the renderer display these big fonts? This is what we’re talking about: (sorry can only put 2 links)

Thanks in advance,

Name Version
Brave 0.13.1
rev 9dd06f9
Muon 2.0.18
libchromiumcontent 54.0.2840.100
V8 5.4.500.41
Node.js 7.0.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform darwin
os.release 15.6.0
os.arch x64


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