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I’m running all the latest versions of Nightly, Dev and Stable Release on Mac.
I recently discovered that on all of these Browsers, there are massive lists of cookie-settings for pretty much all the sites I visited lately that shouldn’t be there in the first place as I never set those settings for these sites. Additionally, clearing all browser data doesn’t remove them, I have to delete them manually and some of them can’t even be deleted.

What is going on here? Is this a bug or did I catch a virus?

Look at the scroll bar on the right - that list goes WAAAAAY down on the main browser and it takes very long to even start the browser:

If you go to the All cookies and site data option at the top of the image you shared, you should see an option to Remove all – does this not remove the cookies in question?

@Mattches They aren’t listed there as these aren’t cookies but cookie-settings.
There were some other cookie-like listings in between the “Allow”-list but I could remove all these.
“eingebettet” means “embedded”. So it says “embedded on” everywhere but it is in the menu for which URLs get blocked or allowed or emptied on exit.

EDIT: just tried out the Remove all option regardless and as expected, this didn’t delete the entries that I couldn’t delete manually either. Unfortunately, I’ve already deleted all the ones that could be deleted manually, so I can’t tell whether or not this would’ve helped clear most of that list. My guess is it wouldn’t though, as like I’ve said, they aren’t even listed there as they aren’t cookies.

Hi @BraveNew

The screen you shared shows sites that you have explicit exceptions in place for… Either exceptions to BLOCK cookies or exceptions to ALLOW cookies. And of course, per the top toggle… (which is just off the screen, you’d need to scroll up) you can disable cookies

Are these sites shown here ones that you don’t want to block?

The entries are put in here when you modify shields (the Lion icon). If you choose to block cookies, it gets added to this list. If you choose to allow cookies, it gets added to the add section.

As shown on the screen, you should be able to click the garbage can to remove the content setting for any of these items

Does this address your question?


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Hi @clifton, thank you for your lengthy reply.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to my situation as I 1) never blocked cookies for all these sites (I used to have cookies blocked by default and only enable them per-site) and 2) didn’t change my browsing behavior and yet that list was fine until about a week ago when suddenly all those entries came up for no apparent reason.

Clicking the bin did eventually remove most of them but it doesn’t work for every entry. Here is an example for two entries on the “Allow” list that can’t be deleted:

How do your global shield settings look? You can view them at brave://settings/shields

The default for cookies is supposed to be Only block cross-site cookies. If you choose always block cookies, it’s possible that it’ll put an entry in for every site you visit

RE: not being able to delete those… do you have those sites open in another tab (or another window)? I’m curious if they’re not able to be deleted because they’re in use

@clifton I used to have cookies blocked by default but changed that on the main browser as it was too tiresome to always change it per-site and then go back and delete those settings or to open it in private mode so that the allowed cookie-settings are reversed automatically (we need an “allow for this session” option for shield-settings like FF has it (or was it a FF-extension? Haven’t used it in years)). For a while now the global shield preferences should be back to default on main:

Note: on Nightly and Dev all cookies are still blocked by default, I didn’t change any settings there recently, yet the same issue occurs there.

The sites that can’t be deleted are not currently in use.

UPDATE: I just visited the exact links that were listed that couldn’t be deleted: shields were disabled for these sites entirely (I remember I did that weeks ago). Enabling shields automatically turned the weird *-entries into this normal form:

I was now able to delete them.

So the only issue that remains is: how did the Block-list amass all those entries in the first place, I definitely didn’t disable shields for all those sites, also disabling site-specific shields wouldn’t/shouldn’t put respective sites onto Block. Something was wrong with the entries as they had that weird *-Format.

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I would suspect the period of time where you had sites globally blocked, each site (upon opening) was added to that list

@clifton @Mattches Just tested it.
When global shields block all cookies by default and…
-… I visit a website and only allow first-party cookies, then a regular entry is set for “Allow” and an irregular *-format entry is set for “Block”

-… I visit a website and allow all cookies, then a regular entry and an irregular *-format entry are set for “Allow”.

It is a little confusing and also, after a while, Browser performance seems to be really slowing down because of the huge list. Maybe there is a better solution? I’ve been using this Brave setting for months and these issues only came up last week. At least I now know how it happened.

Thank you for your time.

To summarize:

  • Settings becoming irremovable when site-specific shields are disabled with global cookies blocked is a bug.
  • I’d like to repeat the need for an “allow once” option for each per-site shields setting.
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