Weird "Country missmatch" trying to verify with uphold

Hi. Cant verify because of “country mismatch” fail, witch is not true, both accounts has same country.
Whats even more weird. Just verified my old computer, all worked. Switched to new one, doesn’t work, even tho the settings and countrees are the same. any idea?

are you sure that all of the region settings match? language, timezone, etc. all of them.

Are you sure that the country you chose in the ‘Choose your region’ prompt matches the one of whose documents you used for KYC / AML at Uphold / Gemini ?
Also as @lowner mentioned, does your locale like time, language and other region settings match ?

Yes, we only have one region / timozone / language here in Norway.
Cant get why old pc worked, and just 1 hour later new one doesnt. all the settings are exact the same on both browsers, and uphold acc obviously is the same :confused:

Is it possible only 1 browser can be connected to 1 uphold acc? Didnt see any info about it anywhere.

Umm nope. You can connect to more than one. There’s no official limit anymore but yea I guess it will cause this issue if it thinks it’s just an unreasonable number of devices. But 2 is good enough.

Okay, let me try this again. Went to reply and had wrong thing in my mind, lol. For country mismatch, should just be that country you chose doesn’t match Uphold. You’re saying you chose the same.

Just to confirm though,

  • If you go to brave://rewards-internals, what does it say for your Rewards country?
  • Also, you have definitely chose Poland on other devices and verified with Uphold using Poland ID?

Thats correct. In brave://rewards-internals says “NO” (Norway) on both of my pc’s, Uphold says the same, all the way down to house number… ID is not, but thats irrelevant, Im Norwegian resident and have proved that to uphold separately.
And it just worked from my old pc today. With all exact settings. double checked them side by side :roll_eyes:
i guess can try again in couple days, have no idea

Actually, it is relevant. Brave doesn’t see all your address verification. It uses your ID to know which country you’re in. So if your passport or other ID does not match the country, then you’ll have the Mismatch error. This is your issue.

I kind of say the same thing but with a bit more explanation and example over at PSA: Current FAQ - #41 by Saoiray

But it WORKED just today from my other pc. Exact same country, same id, same uphold. 0 issues.

Things are always changing. If your old PC had been connected a while, it might just be persisting from that. Then when/if it disconnects, would tell you the same thing you’re getting now.

In any case, only other thing you can do is just create a Rewards Support Ticket at and see if Brave can help. However, I’m telling you now, that if you used passport outside of Norway and then claimed Norway, it will say Country Mismatch.

Thank You. :pray: Will try later, maybe works. its not a rush, if not then ticket:)

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