Weird behaviors on Facebook


In the most recent update, 0.16.9, I see these issues:

  • Can’t message. Go to friend’s page, click message, nothing. On friends list at right of page, click on friend, and nothing happens.
  • Page refresh moves the page vertically to a not quite random location, slightly away from top of page.


Hi @wmeyer

Could you try in a different browser, such as Chrome and let us know if the results are the same?

If so, please let us know some additional information as per the post below so we can better assist.




I have checked in Chrome, and do not get the same behaviors.
Windows 10
Block Ads
Allow Cookies
HTTPS everywhere
Block Phishing/Malware

Open Facebook.
Scroll down.
Hit F5 or the refresh button.
Chrome will refresh to top of page; Brave to somewhat further down.

As of today, the the issue with the private messages is gone. Possibly a Windows update?



Thanks for checking @wmeyer - If the message issue pops up again, I’d recommend opening up a new thread for that issue. In the mean time, Brave and Chrome are refreshing to the same place for me but I am using Mac.

cc @sriram could you check the behavior you see?



@LaurenWags @wmeyer I don’t see any issues on Facebook. Even enabling Fingerprint protection, nothing happens. Able to click on a friends page and click on message opens up the message box. Clicking on the friends list on the right pane opens up the message box. F5 or Ctrl+R refresh jumps to the top of the page.


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